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Why Start A Blog About Yoga & Finance?

Why Start A Blog In The First Place?

A blog is like totally the newest and coolest way to not only express yourself, but to become your own business. Owning your own DOT COM magically makes your opinions slightly more important that those who use totally free mediums like FB.

You become an AUTHORITY.

This website is going to be all about yoga and finance.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is awesome because it helps you connect with your body as a whole, and in doing so, you become more able…

What to I mean by more able?

  • more energy
  • more focus
  • more vitality for life

Why Finance?

Finance is extremely important in life, that is, unless you plan on being a bum and living under a bridge with the rest of the homeless…

Learning even just the basic principles of finance and money can really put you way ahead of the game. Its actually really very simple. Not EASY… but simple.

  1. Get your money
  2. Keep your money
  3. Multiply your money

See I told you it was simple!

Well, I suppose that’s good enough for my very first post.

Keep up to date for the best yoga and finance advice available!

Later buds,


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