From Walking With A Cane Because A 32 Degree Scoliosis Curve To Doing Back Bends And Head Stands

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severe scoliosis back bend – the xray photo is from two years ago.

I was 29 years old and my lower back hurt so bad due to my scoliosis that I had to walk with a cane. Sometimes, after pushing my pain limits, I’d even have to leave my cart of groceries in the store and just go home because it hurt so bad.

Two years ago my wife and I moved to Colorado and we have used cannabis and yoga to heal our bodies inside and out.

Since adding yoga and a better regiment of cannabis and cannabinoids into my body I’ve noticed tremendous improvements in my mobility and a huge decrease in my pain.

The bottom photo is from two days ago, doing a backbend after practicing yoga on a regular basis for just a few weeks.

I look forward to seeing where I am after a few short years of practicing yoga.

crow pose, yoga, scoliosis
The crow pose is very challenging

The Crow Pose was very challenging, yoga has taught me many strengths and weaknesses I didn’t know I had.

Determined to do better, I will keep practicing yoga to improve my body, meditation to strengthen my mind, and cannabis to guide me to be the best for myself and others.

Together we are going to change the world, and break the stigma on this amazing plant.

Regardless of my 32 degree curve in my spine from scoliosis, I will get there.

Practice, determination, and not giving up when it’s uncomfortable is the definition of courage. And that’s exactly what this website hopes to instill in your mindset.

Inspire By Action

Keep practicing my friends and stay tuned for more educational posts in the future that you can share with other’s whom you wish to help educate.

Here is a picture of me doing a head stand!

yoga, head stand, scoliosis


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